"/> List of Documents-related extensions and associated applications

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List of extensions in Documents category

book djv djvu doc docm docmhtml docx docxml dot dotm dotx dvi enx eps ept fdf gl2 hgl hp hpg hpgl hpgl2 mdi odp odt opd pdf pdfxml plt pot pothtml potm potx ppa ppam pps ppsm ppsx ppt ppthtml pptm pptx pptxml prn ps ps1 ps2 ps3 pwz rtf sdw sldm sldx tex thmx vst wpd wps wpt xdp xfdf xps

Most popular applications, associated with those files

SoftMaker Presentations by SoftMaker Software GmbH
WPS Writer by Zhuhai Kingsoft Office Software Co.,Ltd
LibreOffice Writer by The Document Foundation
Adobe Acrobat by Adobe Systems®, Incorporated
TextMaker by SoftMaker Software GmbH
Yandex by YANDEX LLC
Kingsoft Writer by Zhuhai Kingsoft Office Software Co.,Ltd
LibreOffice Impress by The Document Foundation
Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer by Microsoft Corporation
SumatraPDF by Krzysztof Kowalczyk
OpenOffice.org Impress by OpenOffice.org
OpenOffice Impress by Apache Software Foundation
Microsoft Office Word Viewer by Microsoft Corporation
Kingsoft Writer by Kingsoft Corporation
Hamster PDF Reader by HamsterSoft
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