"/> List of Internet and networking files-related extensions and associated applications

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List of extensions in Internet and networking files category

asp aspx btsearch cgi css eml htm html itms itpc its itss magnet mfp mht mhtml nws pcast php php1 plg rss shtm shtml torrent url vrml wdseml webm xevgenxml xht xhtm xhtml xrm-ms xsl

Most popular applications, associated with those files

FrostWire by FrostWire Group
迅雷7 by 深圳市迅雷网络技术有限公司
Wondershare Player by Wondershare
Zoom Player by Inmatrix LTD
CLI by The PHP Group
iLivid Download Manager by Bandoo Media Inc.
Microsoft Visual C# Express by Microsoft Corporation
TorrentPatcher by arieltm, Vedmed & KindDragon
Windows Player by iTVA LLC www.itva.ru
FAR HTML (http://helpware.net) by http://www.helpware.net
Microsoft Visual Basic Express by Microsoft Corporation
qBittorrent Portable (PortableApps.com Launcher) by PortableApps.com
WebMatrix by Microsoft Corporation
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