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Information about .bzip2 File Extension

BZ2 files are files that have been compressed with UNIX BZip2 tool.

More information about .bzip2 extension: Wikipedia


Compressed files 

Common .bzip2 file type descriptions:

  • 360压缩
  • HaoZip BZIP2 Архив
  • BZip2 archive
  • Hamster Free Archiver
  • BulkZip archive

Applications, associated with .bzip2 files

7-Zip File Manager icon7-Zip File Manager by Igor Pavlov
7-Zip is a file archiver with a high compression ratio.
360压缩 icon360压缩 by
HaoZip archiver iconHaoZip archiver by HaoZip Software Studio
B1 Free Archiver iconB1 Free Archiver by