"/> List of Plain text files-related extensions and associated applications

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List of extensions in Plain text files category

application appref-ms asp aspx au3 bas bat bsh c ccd cdf cfg compositefont cpp css csv cue cxx diz err gpx h htm html idx inf ini ion iqy js JSE log m manifest nfo nsh nsi oqy php php1 properties ps1xml rdf resx rqy sh sql srt sub txt vbe vbs wri wsc wsf wsh wtx xbap zap

Most popular applications, associated with those files

Torch by Torch Media Inc.
Microsoft Office component by Microsoft Corporation
Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition by PortableApps.com
Comodo Dragon by Comodo
Pale Moon optimized web browser by Moonchild Productions
Яндекс.Интернет by Yandex
SRWare Iron by SRWare
360安全浏览器 by 360.cn
Cyberfox by 8pecxstudios
 Microsoft Application Virtualization Virtual Process Launcher by Microsoft Corporation
Waterfox by Mozilla Corporation
WinCDEmu mounter by SysProgs.org
DAEMON Tools Pro Agent by DT Soft Ltd
NSIS Script Editor by HM Software
Chromium by The Chromium Authors
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