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List of extensions in Programming files category

a3x accessor addin as asax ascx ashx asm asmx asp aspx au3 bas bpg c cc cd class cod config coverage cpp cs csdproj csproj ctl cxx dbml def disco dmp dob dpk dpr dsp dsr dsw dtd edmx h hpp hxx i i64 idb idl inc inl jar java js JSE lib lst lua mak map master mdmp mdp mk nsh nsi odh odl orderedtest php php1 php3 php4 php5 phtml pkgdef pkgundef pl py rc rc2 rdlc res resx rgs s sdl sitemap skin sln svc testrunconfig tlb trx vb vbe vbproj vbs vcp vcproj vcw vdp vsmdi vstemplate wsdl wsf wsh xdr xmta xoml xsd xslt

Most popular applications, associated with those files

ConTEXT Programmers Editor by Eden Kirin
Opera Internet Browser by Opera Software
Resource viewer, decompiler & recompiler.
Adobe GoLive CS2 by Adobe Systems®, Incorporated
Codelobster PHP Edition by Codelobster Software
Java(TM) Platform SE binary by Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Delphi-32 Development Environment by Borland Software Corporation
InterVideo® WinIEPG by InterVideo Inc.
EditPlus by ES-Computing
SciTE - a Scintilla based Text Editor by Neil Hodgson [email protected]
Bluefish by The Bluefish Developers
C-Free by Program Arts
GPSMapEdit by http://www.geopainting.com
XMLSpy® by Altova®
XnView for Windows by XnView
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