"/> List of Game files-related extensions and associated applications

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List of extensions in Game files category

bsa ChessTitansSave-ms ComfyCakesSave-ms esm esp fomod ipg minesweepersave-ms nif omod pbo PurblePairsSave-ms REZ sims3pack SpiderSolitaireSave-ms ttarch w3g w3m w3x wad wotreplay

Most popular applications, associated with those files

Telltale Explorer by Quick And Easy Software
Microsoft Office Picture Manager by Microsoft Corporation
Windows Media Player by Microsoft Corporation
Windows Photo Viewer by Microsoft Corporation
The KMPlayer by PandoraTV
Adobe Reader by Adobe Systems®, Incorporated
Adobe Acrobat by Adobe Systems®, Incorporated
TES Construction Set by Bethesda Softworks
WinRez LT by BlackAngel Software
PBO Manager
World of Tanks Launcher by Wargaming.net
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