"/> List of Database files-related extensions and associated applications

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List of extensions in Database files category

123 accda accdb accdc accde accdr accdt accdu ade adn adp csv dbf dqy edb fp7 gdb itdb itl mad mam mas mau mav maw mda mdb mdbhtml mde mdn mdt mdw ods sql wcl wdb wizhtml xlm xlr xls xlsb xlsm xlsx xltm xlw

Most popular applications, associated with those files

Sublime Text 2
SMPlayer by Ricardo Villalba
LiberKey Launcher - LibreOffice Calc by LiberKey.com
Advantage Data Architect by iAnywhere Solutions, Inc.
EditPad Lite by Just Great Software
XnView for Windows by XnView
TextPad by Helios Software Solutions
SSuite Office Accel by Van Loo Software (TM)
CSVFileView by NirSoft
LibreOffice Portable (PortableApps.com Launcher) by PortableApps.com
Sublime Text
ContactKeeper by ContactKeeper
OpenOffice.org Base by OpenOffice.org
OpenOffice.org Writer by OpenOffice.org
pgAdmin III - PostgreSQL Tools
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