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Information about .wim File Extension

WIM file is a Windows Imaging File. The Windows Imaging Format (WIM) is a file-based disk image format. It was developed by Microsoft to deploy its latest Windows operating system releases, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 and used as part of their standard installation procedure.


Disc images 

Common .wim file type descriptions:

  • wim Archive
  • HaoZip WIM Архив
  • PowerArchiver File
  • PowerISO File
  • Pasta Compactada em WIM

Applications, associated with .wim files

File Viewer iconFile Viewer by Sharpened Productions
IZArc Archiver iconIZArc Archiver by IZSoftware
Windows Wordpad Application iconWindows Wordpad Application by Microsoft Corporation
WordPad is a basic word processor that is included with almost all versions of Microsoft Windows from Windows 95 upwards. It is more advanced than Notepad but simpler than Microsoft Works Word Processor and Microsoft Word.
BulkZip File Compressor iconBulkZip File Compressor
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