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Information about .txt File Extension

Standard text document that contains unformatted (plain) text; recognized by most text editing or word processing programs.

More information about .txt extension: Wikipedia


Plain text files 

Common .txt file type descriptions:

  • Text Document
  • Текстовый документ
  • Textdokument
  • Documento de Texto
  • Document texte

Applications, associated with .txt files

Internet Explorer iconInternet Explorer by Microsoft Corporation
Internet Explorer is a browser produced by the Microsoft Corporation and supplied together with the Windows operating system.
Win32Pad - my notepad replacement iconWin32Pad - my notepad replacement by Gennady Feldman
Microsoft Office Word Viewer iconMicrosoft Office Word Viewer by Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Word Viewer is a standalone freeware program for Microsoft Windows that lets users who do not own Microsoft Word view and print documents that were created in Microsoft Word.
Google Chrome iconGoogle Chrome by Google Inc. Calc Calc by
XML Editor iconXML Editor by Microsoft Corporation
Firefox iconFirefox by Mozilla Corporation
Mozilla Firefox is a free and open source web browser descended from the Mozilla Application Suite and managed by Mozilla Corporation.
Notepad2-mod iconNotepad2-mod by Florian Balmer et al.
TeraPad iconTeraPad by Susumu Terao Software Library
Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications iconMicrosoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications by Microsoft Corporation
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