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Information about .swf File Extension

SWF file is a Shockwave Flash. It is a proprietary vector graphics file format produced by the Macromedia Flash software. SWF files can be played by the Macromedia Flash Player.


Video files 

Common .swf file type descriptions:

  • Shockwave Flash Object
  • Shockwave Flash
  • KMP -Video File
  • GOM Media file(.swf)
  • IrfanView SWF File

Applications, associated with .swf files

Adobe Flash Player 11.5 r502 iconAdobe Flash Player 11.5 r502 by Adobe Systems®, Incorporated
Adobe Flash Player 19.0 r0 iconAdobe Flash Player 19.0 r0 by Adobe Systems®, Incorporated
Shockwave Init iconShockwave Init by Adobe Systems®, Incorporated
Flash Decompiler iconFlash Decompiler by Eltima Software GmbH
QuickTime Player iconQuickTime Player by Apple Inc.
Adobe Flash Player Control Panel Applet iconAdobe Flash Player Control Panel Applet by Adobe Systems®, Incorporated
7-Zip File Manager icon7-Zip File Manager by Igor Pavlov
7-Zip is a file archiver with a high compression ratio.
Adobe Flash Player 11.9 r900 iconAdobe Flash Player 11.9 r900 by Adobe Systems®, Incorporated
Paint iconPaint by Microsoft Corporation
????? icon?????
Flash Player iconFlash Player by VTools
µTorrent iconµTorrent by BitTorrent, Inc.
SWiSHmax Application iconSWiSHmax Application by Pty Ltd
 °®ÆæÒÕÍòÄܲ¥·ÅÆ÷ by °®ÆæÒÕ
Adobe Flash Player 12.0 r0 iconAdobe Flash Player 12.0 r0 by Adobe Systems®, Incorporated
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