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Information about .pict File Extension

PICT file is a QuickDraw Pict Image. PICT file format developed by Apple Computer in 1984. PICT files are encoded in QuickDraw commands and can hold both object-oriented images and bit-mapped images. It is supported by all graphics programs that run on Macintosh computers.

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Image files 

Common .pict file type descriptions:

  • PICT Image
  • XnView Image
  • ACDSee Pro 6 PICT Image
  • ACDSee Pro 5 PICT Image
  • ACDSee Pro 7 PICT Image

Applications, associated with .pict files

ACDSee Pro 8 iconACDSee Pro 8 by ACD Systems International Inc.
Picture It! iconPicture It! by Microsoft Corporation
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