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Information about .cs1 File Extension

CS1 file is a Sinar CaptureShop RAW Image. Sinar CaptureShop is an integral part of the Sinarback digital camera back system.


Image files 

Common .cs1 file type descriptions:

  • Sinar Raw Image
  • ACDSee Pro 8.cs1 Image
  • Sinar image
  • ACDSee Pro 5 RAW Image
  • ACDSee Pro 6 RAW Image

Applications, associated with .cs1 files

ACDSee 16 iconACDSee 16 by ACD Systems International Inc.
2345看图王-看图程序 icon2345看图王-看图程序 by 瑞创网络
ACDSee 18 iconACDSee 18 by ACD Systems International Inc.
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