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Information about .AIMPPL File Extension

Common .AIMPPL file type descriptions:

  • AIMP3: AIMP3 Playlist
  • AIMP: AIMP3 Playlist
  • AIMP3: Modern Playlist
  • Файл "AIMPPL"

Applications, associated with .AIMPPL files

AIMP iconAIMP by AIMP DevTeam
AIMP is a full-featured free music player designed with sound quality and wide, customizable functionality in mind. Over twenty audio formats are supported. Audio is processed in 32-bit for crystal-clear sound. The player features a 18-band graphics equalizer with extra built-in sound effects and supports Input, DSP and Gen plug-ins from Winamp.
ed2 - Lightweight notepad replacement iconed2 - Lightweight notepad replacement by ZabaraKatranemia Plc